Why “POD” in the name? When my wife and I were bouncing around names for the company she commented,” we are so small, we are not even a pea in a pod,” so of course I said, ” then let’s be a pod,” and that is how we became E-Cig POD. Whether you are looking for our well reviewed house e-liquid line, or our line of premium e-liquids including Charlies Chalk Dust, 5 Pawns, MNEL, The Major Key, Saporem, Klaudstag, Ninja Sauce and Fu Man. We have the highest quality hardware including Kangertech, Aspire, Joytech and ELeaf plus so much more. We are committed to providing you the best quality products possible.

     The mission of our company is to help people live healthier lives. My wife being a former cigarette smoker knows that it can be tough to quit smoking. She found an alternative to smoking that we hope you will enjoy. Smoking affected her mood, our wallets, our family and our friends. We wanted a way out. After a long road of trying different things we discovered what worked for us and many others, e-cigs.

     When we started, like some others we knew, we wasted money on the wrong equipment, the wrong e-liquid, and the wrong companies. It turns out that we enjoy helping people find their products and flavors so much that we started E-Cig POD. It’s important to us to give the best possible customer service because we are electric cigarette customers ourselves. Nothing makes us feel better than helping you find what you need in the e-cig world. We look forward to helping you vape with satisfaction.